Enterprise Resource Planning software that evolves with your business.

Our powerful cloud ERP software offers SMEs complete flexibility and value for money.

  • Software you won't grow out of.

    Central ERP® is able to adapt and evolve as your business grows, ensuring that your software is always relevant to your business.

  • Full time support included.

    We're proud to offer our hands-on, personalised support at no extra cost.

  • Multi-industry.

    We've been offering reliable cloud software since 2005 across a wide range of industries and sectors.

  • Access securely from anywhere.

    Access your information from anywhere at any time. Our UK based secure servers, compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 9001 offer the highest levels of data security for all users.

  • HMRC compliant software.

    Our software is HMRC recognised and automatically updated with all legislative changes, removing the need to pay for updates or new versions.

  • Seamless upgrades.

    Central ERP® does not have release 'versions', which means that your software is always compatible and up-to-date, including any customisation.

  • Forget software 'bolt-ons'.

    With Central ERP®, all data is stored in a single database, which means that information is entered once and can be reported across the entire organisation.

  • Joined up thinking,

    Central ERP® joins together business functions to increase efficiency and improve decision making at all levels.

  • No limits or restrictions.

    We don't believe in restricting your growth by limiting our service, you can take advantage of our powerful software and support without the frustrations of restricted use.

With Hudman you get powerful business software as well as hands-on, tailored support for one affordable monthly fee.

Unlimited, personalised support, at no extra cost.

Hudman provides complete peace of mind for you and your business. Our pricing includes full time, unlimited access to a team of Hudman experts who provide complete end-to-end assistance.

  • Telephone support.

    Access to a team of highly capable and helpful Account Managers.

  • Email support.

    Our email support team are happy to help with any system related queries that may arise.

  • Customised reporting.

    Request customised or bespoke reports, specific to your business.

  • Migration & set-up assistance.

    Helping you migrate your data from another platform or setting up for the first time.

  • Upgrades & legislation changes.

    Keeping on top of all relevant legislative requirements and ensuring your business is fully prepared.

  • Knowledge Base.

    Access our in depth guides and helpful hints and tips, helping you get the most out of your software.

We never place any caps or limits on the support we provide. We're proud of our support ethos and we hope you'll find out why.

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Our award winning ERP software is used in a wide range of industries and sectors by businesses from across the UK.

  • One system for your entire business.
  • Software that grows with you.
  • No maintenance, licensing, or upgrade fees.
  • Full time support included.
  • Cloud based (SaaS), access from anywhere.
  • Highest levels of data security.
  • Cost effective and low risk.
  • Customisable & supports growth.
  • On-site consultancy and advice.

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