Improve cashflow and efficiency, reduce costs.

It's simply not enough to know what you have in stock, Central ERP® provides a complete picture of what you need in stock and when. Our fully integrated accounts and stock control system seamlessly links sales demand with purchase management and production planning.

  • One system, linked seamlessly.

    Material Requirements Planning (MRP) consolidates demand across multiple sales orders, due dates, customers and suppliers.

  • Meet sales demand, every time.

    Whether you purchase or manufacture stock items, Central ERP® ensures that inventory is always available on time with automated supply order generation.

  • Reduce costs and improve cash flow.

    Fully integrated accounts and inventory management provides a complete picture of performance, allowing more efficient management of stock & supply chain.

Central ERP® Material Requirements Planning software is ideal for small & medium sized manufacturers and distributors who are looking for improved supply chain management, increased cash flow and a reduction in costs.

Stock control to suit a wide range of businesses.

Ideal for small and medium sized manufacturers, distributors, or any businesses requiring better control over their supply chain, our stock control software can revolutionise the way your business manages demand.

  • Manufacturing & distribution.

    Whether making to stock, making to order, or buying to order, Central ERP® improves supply chain and production planning capability.

  • Instant reporting.

    A wide range of reporting features, showing current and future demand for all stock items and scheduled production.

  • Unlimited locations.

    Create multiple stock locations to cater for separate warehouses, or areas, and report on each individually or as a whole.

  • Goods in & out.

    Receive goods quickly and efficiently, generate picking lists and dispatch goods with automatic adjustments to stock levels.

  • Accounts updated.

    Each time goods are received, dispatched or invoiced, Central ERP® instantly updates the accounts; reducing data entry and improving reporting.

  • Bills of Materials

    Manage stock item component parts with multi-level Bills of Materials. Automatically generate supply orders to fulfil demand with ease.

  • Serial numbering.

    Complete batch traceability for the full life cycle of components and finished parts. Manage perishable goods and warrantied parts with ease.

  • Price lists & discounts.

    Create stock item specific price lists and discount rules with a powerful rules-based system. Apply price lists to projects, departments or customers.

  • KPI reporting.

    Full analysis of stock, including supplier performance, stock turnover, item costs, trial kitting and a range of financial reports.

If you'd like more information about how Central ERP® can improve your stock control and supply chain management, please contact us today and one of our experienced industry experts will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Advanced stock control software for SMEs.

No matter how small your business, and whether you manufacture or distribute goods, Material Requirements Planning can help your business to operate in a more efficient manner.

Our Material Requirements Planning system provides a complete picture of current and future stock requirements, and automatically fulfils demand, allowing you to spend less time managing stock levels and more time to focus on what you do best.

Please contact us today and one of our experienced industry experts will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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