On-site support and advice, helping your business to grow.

Choose from a range of affordable on-site services from our experts, who are available to help you get the most out of your software and improve your performance.

  • Implementation & optimisation.

    Our experts will help you to integrate and align your Hudman software with your unique business processes, ensuring you achieve maximum return on investment.

  • On-site consultancy.

    Our consultants work hand-in-hand to help propel your organisation to the next level and ensure that you get the system you need, not the system you are given.

  • Change management.

    Every business has its own set of unique challenges, and our consultants are able to guide you through every stage of the change process.

  • Project management.

    Implementing an enterprise software system requires careful management from concept to completion. We help to offer clarity and ensure that outcomes are achieved on time and within budget.

  • Training.

    One-to-one, or group training to enable staff to get the most out of your software, and ensuring that you achieve the maximum efficiency and cost saving benefits in your business.

  • Customisation.

    Our experts can assist with any customisation needs you may have, whether to allow for integration of a particular process or understanding unique reporting requirements.

No matter how complex your issue may seem, our highly experienced experts are on-hand to provide common sense and easy to understand advice, training and support to you and your business. For more information about our on-site services, please contact us.