15 Jul 2016
By admin

The UK woke up on June 24th to the unexpected news that Thursday’s in/out referendum has fallen in favour of the Leave campaign. It doesn’t matter whether you voted Leave or Remain, what is certain now, is that we are entering a period of political uncertainty and it is clear that this will have an effect on the short term, medium term and long term plans of UK businesses.

There are a number of considerations, but one area that will almost certainly be overlooked is business software, and there is a simple reason for this – nobody knows what will happen, so how can we prepare?

Well, believe it or not there is a lot that you can do now to protect your business for the future.


Static software.

Most UK SMEs use a mixture of software packages to solve their problems, and these are often a mixture of ‘off-the-shelf’ systems, complimented with a variety of in-house spreadsheets and databases.

Small & medium sized businesses choose this option because larger, more complex systems are expensive and difficult to implement. But crucially, when considering the current political climate, expensive ‘off-the-shelf’ systems are also extremely risky.

For example, how do you know that the software features you buy will still be relevant in two years’ time?

Adaptability & reducing risk.

What businesses really need to consider is whether their current software systems offer adaptability.

– How easy is it to change your software to suit new legislation?

– How will you ensure that your procedures remain efficient and effective in an ever-changing environment?

The answer that most ‘off-the-shelf’ software providers will provide is: “Yes, our software will be updated. You just need to buy the new version.”

Of course, you could also seek to customise your own software, but enterprise software is a difficult area to change, particularly when you have invested large sums of money to give you the system you thought you needed.

What is the alternative?

Well, there are a number of options open to businesses. My first recommendation would be to ask yourself the following question:

What will it cost my business to update or replace its software systems, in the event of a change in my industry?

This may sound obvious to some, but it is surprising how many businesses will be purchasing ‘off-the-shelf’ software systems over the next 12 months without asking themselves this question.

What businesses really need is an affordable, flexible, enterprise software package that includes ongoing customisation and advice. If your business is about to invest in enterprise software, either in manufacturing or the service sector, then feel free to contact Hudman. Our award winning, cloud enterprise software offers complete flexibility and adaptability in an ever changing environment, and its costs a lot less than you may think, with prices from £199 per month.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and offer a long term solution that will offer adaptability and flexibility, to enable you to navigate through the next few years and beyond.

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