Although we are an independent commercial organisation, we believe that in fulfilling our objectives we need to maintain awareness of the social and environmental impact of our operations. This policy statement therefore sets out those values to which we as a company adhere in conducting our affairs in relation to:

Members / Users of our Software, and Society
Our primary aim is to give smaller businesses the same potential to improve productivity, operating efficiencies, and therefore competitiveness, that the very best large ERP systems have to offer, and at a very affordable price. Our web site also aims to develop peer support between users of our software which should encourage communication of best practice so that efficiencies permeate throughout the supply chain to the benefit of the UK economy.

The Environment
Our web site aims to encourage, where practical, the reduction in the detrimental environmental impact involved with travel since key business data is now available from any suitably equipped location. As a business we actively seek ways to reduce the environmental impact of our own activities in terms of energy and materials usage.

Our Staff
We respect cultural differences and aim to deal courteously with those who hold opinions that differ from ours; colleagues, stakeholders, customers and suppliers are always treated respectfully and fairly. We shall challenge all forms of discrimination and will not work with other third parties that promote or allow such discrimination; we employ people not on the basis of their age, sex, creed, race or beliefs, but on the basis of their suitability for the job to be done.

Suppliers and Service Providers
When purchasing products and services we aim to pay our suppliers to pre-agreed terms, and do not aim to profit by malice in any way. We bank with Co-operative Bank which in 1992 set out precisely what ethical standards would govern the types of businesses the bank would and would not offer services to; the bank continues to be the only high street bank that gives customers a say in how their money is used and which encourages their input into the ongoing development of its Ethical Policy.