Customised business management software for small & medium sized businesses.

Alongside our industry solutions, we are able to offer affordable end-to-end software systems that allow complete control over all business processes.

  • Hardware integration.

    We are able to integrate with a wide range of hardware systems, from time clocking to point of sale systems, and data can be used to update system processes.

  • Data capture made easy.

    Whether your business requires point of sale integration, shop floor data capture, time clocking or even GPS and location tracking we are able to help with both hardware and software implementation.

  • Full customisation.

    We are able to offer an affordable and flexible alternative for your software and hardware customisation requirements, by taking advantage of our own powerful in-house software solutions.

If your business requires customised reporting or integration with new or existing hardware, we are able to help. Point-of-sale hardware, process and shop floor data capture, time clocking and location or industry specific data can all be implemented and integrated with our existing solutions.

Bespoke solutions to meet industry or sector specific requirements.

Our experts have over 25 years experience of implementing both software and hardware solutions for businesses worldwide, and are on hand to discuss every aspect of your customisation requirements, from concept to completion.

As we do not rely on third party software we are able to provide a faster, more affordable implementation with lower ongoing costs and with no additional software upgrades required.

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Typical projects.

  • Full customisation of system reports and display screens to suit unique business requirements such as product configuration, cost calculation or legislative requirements;
  • Localisation or sector specific changes, including adjustments to terminology or tax and accounting adjustments;
  • Integration with point-of-sale hardware to allow for automated input of sales and sales orders, either on site or remotely;
  • Integration with multiple web stores, or software portals, to allow automated imports of sales, CRM and performance information into the ERP software environment;
  • Quality Control and process monitoring data capture to help reduce product defects and introduce an automated batch and part specific audit trail to fulfil any number of legislative or industry specific requirements (i.e. ISO compliance);
  • Integration with employee time clocking and time stamping to support management or audit trail requirements;

  • Hardware scanning and data capture of serial numbering and batch identity to allow for faster and more reliable goods received processing;
  • Automated dispatch scanning to provide a streamlined and error free product dispatch process;
  • Shop floor data capture to provide more accurate scheduling and process routing data, or to allow instant product or stock location information;
  • More advanced monitoring of process and manufacturing requirements and materials to avoid ongoing internal or external supply chain issues;
  • Integration with traditional Kanban and related lean manufacturing processes with supportive hardware;
  • API integration with a number of third party software solutions, or legacy systems, to allow for seamless integration with existing software systems e.g. product configurators and estimating packages.

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