Manage sub-contractors and CIS tax deductions.

Central ERP® meets HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) tax requirements.

  • Separate sub-contractors from regular suppliers.
  • Record supplier CIS information.
  • Calculate CIS tax deductions against ongoing contracts.
  • Automatically calculate CIS tax requirements for CIS deductible items.
  • Generate Payment Certificates and send to suppliers in bulk.
  • Our easy to use interface reduces errors and improves visibility.

Manage customer retentions and long term projects.

Keep on top of customer retentions and outstanding allowances.

  • Manage long term contracts and projects with ease.
  • Apply retention rates across contracts, or on individual orders.
  • Set and report on discount rates for contracts.
  • Generate payment applications and send directly to customers.
  • Report on project progress and compare against remaining allowances.
  • Detailed costing analysis across every department.

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