The power of an on-site system, in the cloud.

Central ERP® Projects Edition provides the kind of features normally only associated with an expensive on-premise system, in the cloud. Our flexible software allows your business systems to evolve over time, in line with your business.

  • One fully integrated system.

    Departments work together under one system, providing a clearer understanding of performance.

  • Full time support included.

    Hands on support and advice from our team of experts at no extra cost.

  • Access from any device.

    Access Central ERP® securely from anywhere, and always have the most up-to-date information.

  • Flexible and scalable.

    The system can be tailored over time as and when your needs change.

  • Remove financial risk.

    A more successful implementation, without long term financial commitments.

  • Instant business intelligence.

    Instant access to a snapshot of current and future performance.

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In-depth reporting of projects & departmental performance.

Complex project based businesses can keep track of performance with a wide range of reports, covering finances, operations and a variety of additional business critical functions. With Central ERP® Projects Edition, project costs are always at your fingertips, allowing you to make the most informed and up-to-date decisions.

Best of all, our software is cost-effective and available for a simple monthly fee, without the need for upfront investment.

Keep on top of past, present and future performance.

Central ERP® Projects Edition provides in-depth reporting of both past & future project performance, in one flexible cloud based software system.

  • Multi-currency accounting.

    Report on past performance and forecast future performance easily. Our fully compliant multi-currency system seamlessly integrates with over 150 currencies worldwide.

  • Payroll and RTI submissions.

    Unlimited payroll at no extra cost. Hours can be tracked against works orders, projects or departments. HMRC compliant online payroll reporting under RTI (Real Time Information).

  • Customer & supplier invoicing.

    Start from a quote, an order, or simply generate from scratch using our templates. Generate repeat invoices, delivery schedules or sales plans and forecasts. Easily raise and send invoices directly by email.

  • Taxation and VAT returns.

    Fully compliant financial reporting and tax calculation. VAT can be standard, cash, or fixed percentage basis. Submit VAT returns directly to HMRC via secure connection and manage VAT refunds and payments. Also supports EC Sales List.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

    Take control of your customer interaction and help increase sales. Track all interactions and set up reminders for future. Set-up sales forecasts and delivery schedules and report on conversions.

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

    Reduce costs by developing a more cost-effective supply chain. Manage lead times, assign preferred suppliers, track on-time performance and quality performance in one place.

  • Project & departmental accounting.

    Track performance per job, department, project or across the entire organisation. Set-up multiple trading names, or site locations and monitor individual performance.

  • Stock & inventory control.

    Manage stock and inventory levels with automated or manual control over stock movements and allocations. Make use of unlimited stock locations and stock movements.

  • Full asset register.

    Maintain a full register of all asset items, including calculation of depreciation and remaining economic life.

  • KPI reporting & forecasting.

    A wide range of table and chart based KPI displays provide an overview of historic, current and future performance. KPI views can be customised for individual users with multiple permission levels and access controls.

  • User access levels.

    Full control over user access permissions and data security. System administrators can choose from a wide range of permission levels to ensure that information is controlled across the organisation.

  • Tasks, events & reminders.

    Set-up tasks, events & reminders for a wide range of purposes. Tasks can be marked for follow-up and assigned to individual users, encouraging team collaboration.

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