4 May 2016
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James Gourmet Coffee manage their international supply chain, production planning and complex financial reporting requirements with Central ERP®.

Company overview

From a background in wholesale coffee and food service, Peter James founded James’ Gourmet in 1999. The Company has gradually matured into a unique specialist coffee company, driven by Peter’s passion and enthusiasm for gourmet coffee.

Number of employees: 10 – 15
Website: jamesgourmetcoffee.com

Software and processes replaced

Sage Line 50, Sage Payroll, Microsoft Excel, paper trail.


  • Operating with limited office space, the addition of server hardware was not an option for James Gourmet Coffee. The management team were also reliant on a desktop Sage installation for their data, which relied on staff being at their desks at all times to provide quotes and answer sales enquiries.
  • Sage Line 50 had continuously crashed due to the number of financial transactions in the system. Staff were not able to access instant information or provide reliable quotes over the phone for customers due to the processing waiting times with Sage.
  • James Gourmet Coffee are required to maintain full supply chain traceability, which was previously handled by a separate Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with no relation to the financial data.
  • Due to the growing success of the business the manufacturing scheduling and requirements planning had become complex, requiring a full-time staff role to manage raw materials, production schedules and workflow management.
  • The owner manager was increasingly off-site visiting customers and suppliers, and was reliant on phone calls to the office to receive data from the desktop machine.
  • Customer lead time was steadily increasing due to supply chain delays and production inefficiencies.
  • Rapid growth led to a number of additional challenges that the previous software systems were unable to manage. The team were in danger of losing control of the day to day operations.

Solution and outcomes

  • James Gourmet Coffee installed Central ERP® which provided a full cloud ERP solution to support their continued growth. The owner manager is now able to access more accurate business information from anywhere via laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Customer lead time is reduced by 70%, allowing a 24 hours turnaround. Repeat order ratio has also increased, adding to customer loyalty and helping to drive revenue.
  • Introduction of lean manufacturing principles to allow for a Just In Time (JIT) approach to production. Central ERP® is now handling complex Bills of Materials and process control.
  • Complete control over batch traceability and quality assurance, improving customer satisfaction and maintaining product quality.
  • Since installing Central ERP®, James Gourmet Coffee has increased turnover by 150%.
  • Staff are now able to focus on value added activities i.e. improved customer relationships, marketing strategy and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


We were using Sage for our accounts, plus lots of bits of paper and spreadsheets to plan which job to do next and keep track of which ingredients we used for which batch; Central ERP® gives us the ability to do all of that in one place, cutting out lots of duplication and paperwork

Peter James - James Gourmet Coffee Co Ltd

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